Monday, May 2, 2011

#27 My Way to Hell by Dakota Cassidy

I've read other books by Dakota Cassidy and enjoyed them so it was an easy choice to borrow this one from the library. They're "Paranormal Romance" books (you know I'm a sucker for 'em) and are usually pretty fun to follow along with. This one is a sequel and I realized too late that I had not, in fact, read the 1st one. It didn't matter. It's easy to pick up.
My Way(..) is about an ex demon turned ghost who is trying to deal with the most recent events in her life, including turning into a ghost, the brother of her best friend (who she saved from Lucifer himself) and an extremely private, torturous past. It's a lot of painful bantering. some blatant sex and even some emotional little moments in it. It wasn't an amazing story but it was easy to read and I was eager to finish it. It didn't take long at all to get through it, which is good considering the ones that take me a long time have generally not been able to keep my interest. I'll read more of Dakota Cassidy's books. :)

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