Monday, March 28, 2011

#19 Murphey's Law by Lori Foster

Everything a contemporary romance should be. I'm not sure if it's this bug I seem to have caught or if the writing was THAT good but there was even a twist in it that I didn't see coming. I ALWAYS see them coming.
I really liked this book. It is a typical romance. It had all the trash you don't really care about (but secretly do). It had likable characters in familiar patterns.
I'd read it over again if I owned it. I'm gonna be checking out more from this author, too.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

#18 Being Nikki by Meg Cabot

Book #2 in the series. Like the 1st one, it was ridiculous. Like the 1st one, I liked it. I'm eager to see if the 3rd one is available yet.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

#17 Airhead by Meg Cabot

Another young adult book grabbed while heading to the "to be shelved" carts at the library. Meg Cabot is a familiar writer so I often stop to see what is available by her. (She wrote The Princess Diaries, etc)
Airhead was deceptive. And humorous. VERY.
The front leaf of the book makes it clear that there is a mistaken identity. That's about it.
"Em" doesn't want to take her younger sister "Frida" to the new Super Mall where all the "IT" people of the moment are signing autographs. She's not into that kind of thing.
What I realize before it is FINALLY explained, about half way through the book, is that there was an accident at this mall event and "Em" was smooshed by a giant hanging/falling TV. The hottest of hot super models sees the accident and has an aneurism and dies at the same time. Naturally, they do a full body transplant. Em wakes up barely remembering the accident but is all of a sudden the most beautiful 17 year old in the world.
Sound like every pre-teen's dream? Okay, fine. Every WOMAN'S dream?
It cracked me up because of the blatant "what if I woke up and I was magically transformed into the wealthiest, most popular, beautiful person in the world?". There was no sugar coating here.
I like Meg Cabot. She tends to write about strong women. Or not so strong women that realize they are exceptional just as they are. etc etc etc. I suppose Princess Diaries is the same kind of rags to riches but the brain transplant thing just slays me.
I get ahead of myself, though. Honestly, I liked this book. I even was emotional towards the end when "Em" tries to make a connection with her old best friend (who thinks she's dead). It was sad. It was sweet.
The sequel is next. :)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#16 A mile in my flip flops by Melody Carlson

Let me start by pointing out that my good friend Rachel REALLY does not like flip flops. The fact that I wear them 24/7/365 does not sit well with her. At all. It amuses me.
On that note...
I found this book while searching through the "To be shelved" book carts at the library. The title alone was good enough for me to check it out.
The book was about a woman who decides to flip a house as her own personal therapy. She has become a Ben and Jerry's/HGTV junkie, since she was left at the alter 2 years previous, and thinks it will be a walk in the park considering her thousands of hours of "House Flippers" and similar tv shows.
This is a nice little contemporary romance novel. I don't even really want to call it a contemporary romance but it most definitely a love story. The budding romance between Gretchen and Noah is sweet but honestly the real love story is Gretchen's own. She learns to love herself again after such a miserable break up and extended mourning period.
I like this book. It wasn't exceptional but it was good. Very entertaining.

Friday, March 18, 2011

#15 River Marked by Patricia Briggs

A couple of years ago my older brother, Brian, suggested this series of books to our mom, sister and me. They've all been really fun.
The series follows Mercedes "Mercy" Thompson a TriCities Washington Mechanic/"Walker". Stated simply...she's a shape shifter. She lives in a single wide trailer with her beloved cat on the back property of uber hot Alpha WereWolf Adam. There are also Fae (as in faeries), vampires, witches, ghosts..... I'm sure you get the idea.
River Marked is the 6th book in the series and is a really great newest edition. Briggs does a great job of keeping/progressing a story along and also twisting it up enough that you're not reading the same story 6 times. She "reminds" enough in each new book without boring you with too much information that you probably already read anyways. Mercy is bad ass. She's not invincible. Bad stuff happens to her. The great part is that although bad stuff happens to her she learns to live with it BUT it is still with her. It drives me nuts when someone has a near death experience and a book later seems to have completely forgotten about it. Mercy remembers!!
ANYWAYS!!!!....I carry on...
I liked this book...obviously. I might eventually reread the series.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

#14; Fang by James Patterson

I purchased Fang for Zakk's birthday last year and no one read it. It's book 6 in the Maximum Ride series and we had been enjoying all of the previous books. I probably wouldn't have thought much about the book but the 7th (Angel) was just released and a note stating the end of the series was coming in 2012. I thought I should catch up.
These books are about a "flock" of children/teenagers that are a genetic morphing of humans with some other super the fact that they all have amazing wings. They were raised in lab rat conditions in a lab for many years until they are able to escape. The series of books involves them trying to survive, hide and fight their way to safety. Crazy doctors are always hunting for them, they fight amongst themselves (as any good family will) and they're constantly figuring out new skills they have.
I like James Patterson. I like these books. I'm becoming very bored with them but I won't give up. This one was better than the last one, at least. :)

(I have just reread what I typed and have no good excuse for my grammar and writing. It's late. I'll use that one.)