Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#16 A mile in my flip flops by Melody Carlson

Let me start by pointing out that my good friend Rachel REALLY does not like flip flops. The fact that I wear them 24/7/365 does not sit well with her. At all. It amuses me.
On that note...
I found this book while searching through the "To be shelved" book carts at the library. The title alone was good enough for me to check it out.
The book was about a woman who decides to flip a house as her own personal therapy. She has become a Ben and Jerry's/HGTV junkie, since she was left at the alter 2 years previous, and thinks it will be a walk in the park considering her thousands of hours of "House Flippers" and similar tv shows.
This is a nice little contemporary romance novel. I don't even really want to call it a contemporary romance but it most definitely a love story. The budding romance between Gretchen and Noah is sweet but honestly the real love story is Gretchen's own. She learns to love herself again after such a miserable break up and extended mourning period.
I like this book. It wasn't exceptional but it was good. Very entertaining.

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