Friday, March 18, 2011

#15 River Marked by Patricia Briggs

A couple of years ago my older brother, Brian, suggested this series of books to our mom, sister and me. They've all been really fun.
The series follows Mercedes "Mercy" Thompson a TriCities Washington Mechanic/"Walker". Stated simply...she's a shape shifter. She lives in a single wide trailer with her beloved cat on the back property of uber hot Alpha WereWolf Adam. There are also Fae (as in faeries), vampires, witches, ghosts..... I'm sure you get the idea.
River Marked is the 6th book in the series and is a really great newest edition. Briggs does a great job of keeping/progressing a story along and also twisting it up enough that you're not reading the same story 6 times. She "reminds" enough in each new book without boring you with too much information that you probably already read anyways. Mercy is bad ass. She's not invincible. Bad stuff happens to her. The great part is that although bad stuff happens to her she learns to live with it BUT it is still with her. It drives me nuts when someone has a near death experience and a book later seems to have completely forgotten about it. Mercy remembers!!
ANYWAYS!!!!....I carry on...
I liked this book...obviously. I might eventually reread the series.

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