Sunday, March 6, 2011

#14; Fang by James Patterson

I purchased Fang for Zakk's birthday last year and no one read it. It's book 6 in the Maximum Ride series and we had been enjoying all of the previous books. I probably wouldn't have thought much about the book but the 7th (Angel) was just released and a note stating the end of the series was coming in 2012. I thought I should catch up.
These books are about a "flock" of children/teenagers that are a genetic morphing of humans with some other super the fact that they all have amazing wings. They were raised in lab rat conditions in a lab for many years until they are able to escape. The series of books involves them trying to survive, hide and fight their way to safety. Crazy doctors are always hunting for them, they fight amongst themselves (as any good family will) and they're constantly figuring out new skills they have.
I like James Patterson. I like these books. I'm becoming very bored with them but I won't give up. This one was better than the last one, at least. :)

(I have just reread what I typed and have no good excuse for my grammar and writing. It's late. I'll use that one.)

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