Monday, February 28, 2011

#13 Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

I am in a rut, so far, this year. I want to read yet I can't bring myself to pick up a book. I had tried another sleazy romance novel and gave up less than half way through it. I ended up with Nightshade the same way I do so many others....I judged a book by it's cover....when walking through the Young Reader's section at the library. Not to disappoint, though, it paid off! I enjoyed this book and even though I've been having trouble motivating myself to read this one only took me a few days to finish. The book follows Calla Tor a "Guardian" aka NOT a werewolf... and her pack. She is an 18 year old high school senior that is part of a super secret society that are to be the protectors of the humans in their community. Calla is an alpha female in her family and she has been pre-arranged to be the mate of the alpha male of a rival pack in the same area.
Calla, however, has defied all rules and conventions by not only saving the life of a human boy who stumbles into sacred territory but she also lets him see both her wolf and human form. Eventually she falls in love with him.
Calla is torn between the lifelong commitment to Ren, the other alpha, and Shay, the human who knows too much.
The big twist/secret of the book was fairly easy to figure out but I enjoyed the journey.
I'm eager for the sequal, Wolfsbane, to come out next June.

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