Wednesday, February 2, 2011

#9 The Radleys by Matt Haig

Month 2 book 1!!
I love to get recommendations from my favorite authors. The Radleys was on a list written by Stephen King as one of his top 10 favorites of 2010. It is a dark comedy...about vampires. I'm such a sucker for vampires.
The idea is that Peter and Helen are the parents of 17 year old Rowan and 15 year old Clara. What Rowan and Clara don't know is that they are in fact vampires. Peter and Helen made the decision 17 years ago to become "abstainers" and practice healthy human alternatives for their kids sake. The problem? The kids don't realize they should be sticking to a strict "abstainer" lifestyle so they are weak and ill. "Freaks" in their school.
Clara, in an attempt to be accepted by animals that are deathly terrified of her, has moved from a vegetarian lifestyle to vegan. She gets SICK. Then to follow up an already dire situation she is attacked by a boy at a late night party. When he puts his hand over her mouth to silence her screams she bites him....and loves what it does to her.
The rest of the book involves hiding the body she has so savagely attacked, an obsessed uncle, a secret police unit that hunts vampires and all kinds of crazy twisted family relationships. Not to mention the kids trying to come to terms with the very outrageous idea that they are VAMPIRES.
I loved this book. So much fun!!!

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