Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#65 Fitzwilliam Darcy: Rock Star by Heather Lynn Ricaud

I love me some contemporary remakes of the classics. This one, quite obviously, is a new version of Pride & Prejudice. Mr Darcy. *sigh*
As I was reading it (and enjoying it) I realized that although I did not find it in the Young Adults area it was fairly simple writing. Then it happened. About half way through the book the hookups began. I really enjoyed this version of the story (Where Darcy and his cousin and a long time friend are Rock Gods and Lizzie and Jane Bennett along with their close friend Charlotte are the newly signed opening act for the guys) but it was about midpoint when this store took a new turn. Not that I didn't still like the story but, honestly, every few pages the book turned into porn. This is NOT the Elizabeth Bennett that we know! I quickly understood why it wasn't in the Young Adult section.

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