Monday, April 4, 2011

#20 The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

Book One in the Kane Chronicles is very similar in theme to Riordan's Percy Jackson series. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE the Percy Jackson series. :)
I read this book simply because of Percy. I liked it for being what it was BUT whereas Percy is about Greek mythology modernized this is Egyptian mythology and simply not as interesting to me. I really liked the back and forth narration of the books between Carter and his sister Sadie. It was a bit different but really fun and easy to read. Riordan, also, did a really good job of fluidly educating the reader about mythology without sounding like a teacher and the story itself was good. I'm positive I will read each of the books in this series as they are release (#2 is due this year) but it just isn't as amazing to me as the other series. I am DEFINITELY prejudiced. This was a good, fun, trick-you-into-learning book. I'm not sure I would read it again but I liked it a lot. :)

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