Saturday, January 1, 2011

#1 The Penalty Box by Deirdre Martin

I'm a little embarrassed. Considering how much I read I thought maybe the 1st book of this new year and therefore the 1st book of this blog would be something a bit...more. Instead, I read a contemporary romance. Don't get me wrong. I liked the book. It's the 5th in a series (and the 4th I've read) but it's no Jane Austen. It's not even Stephenie Meyer.
The series revolves around a fictional NHL team. It's amusing. The romance is touching, the sex is blatant without being "throbbing" and the drama is only mildly emotional. I really don't think I'll get teary in any of these books. It's entertaining. The writer has enough talent to make each of her books unique and fun. THAT I like. I'm sure there will be more from this author, and this series, on my blog list.

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