Wednesday, January 5, 2011

#3 Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters; by Natalie Standiford

This was a cute book. I found it on top of the shelves in the "young readers" section as I was passing through to the fiction.
The story is told in 3 major parts (1 each for the sisters). The girls EXTREMELY wealthy grandma has threatened to disinherit the entire family if she does not get an apology she feels she deserves. The 3 girls (of 6 grandkids) are the obvious choice for who would need to apologize; so each girl goes about her own way to apologize and explain her actions...for whatever they feel their big crime may have been.
The book is good. I got a bit emotional (as I do) but nothing was truly involving. No regrets reading it but I'm pretty sure it won't go back into rotation.

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