Friday, January 7, 2011

#4 Real Vampires hate their thighs; by Gerry Bartlett

Adorable. Fairly generic. Amusing. My husband actually found this book while perusing the book shelves at the library. He saw the word "vampires" in the title and called me over to look. ;)
It's at least the 3rd in a series but was easy to pick it up as it was. Fun story about a world where Vampires DO exist, still privately however. Gloriana, or Glory, is a 400 year old vampire who is in a nice little triangle between her ancient sire and her new turned rock star protege. It's a fun contemporary romance with the vampire twist plus some. Glory was a healthy, attractive weight when she was turned into a vampire but over the centuries the preferred image has we all know. Now her soft belly and round hips (don't forget the big butt) are no longer considered sexy. The men in her life LOVE her as she is but she just wants to fit into the societal standard. Which is difficult considering vampires can't change. You know there's more.
I enjoyed it....but, again, I'm sure I won't reread it.

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